Offers an integrated lecture/lab course that covers the basics of the Unix operating system, high-level programming concepts, introductory digital design, wireless networking, and Simulink design. Includes hands-on exercises and class exercises around challenges defined by the instructor or by guest lecturers. EECE 7237. Studies machine learning (the study and design of algorithms that enable computers/machines to learn from experience/data). 4 Hours. 4 Hours. 4 Hours. Introduces basics of radio propagation and studies their effect on communication signals. ECE 187. EECE 7242. Focuses on the various building blocks of analog circuits, their operation, and the underlying principles and techniques, with analysis supplemented by CAD simulation. Also addresses compensator design based on root-locus and frequency response, and modern control system design using state-variable feedback. ECE Depth Courses as listed in the catalog Academic Advising For support with academic questions, students should reach out to their undergraduate academic advisor in their home college as well as the Graduate School by emailing for more information about the PlusOne pathway of interest within COE. Covers fundamentals of probability and stochastic processes with applications to estimation and queuing theory. This opportunity provides undergraduate students with practical research experience, knowledge of modern research practices, and advanced technical skills. Also discusses the applications of algorithm analysis and complexity theory to analyzing and solving problems. Find A-Z • ECE … Topics include the characteristics of discrete signals and systems, sampling, and A/D conversion; the Z-transform, the Fourier transform, and the discrete Fourier transform; fast Fourier transform algorithms; design techniques for IIR and FIR digital filters; and quantization effects in digital signal processing. Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Methodology includes lectures, textbooks, and emphasis on readings from relevant literature. Covers the structure and implementation of a modular compiler. Data Visualization. Covers the practical aspects of control systems design through lab experiments. After completing this course, the successful student should be able to design, characterize, choose, or specify power-management circuits or ICs for a system. 0 Hours. Early Childhood Education (MA or MEd) Graduate Master's College of Education. For course descriptions not found in the UC San Diego General Catalog 2019–20, please contact the department for more information. EECE 7296. Examines important electrodynamic applications by the use of advanced mathematical techniques. Computer vision is an exciting but disorganized field that builds on very diverse disciplines such as image processing, statistics, pattern recognition, control theory, system identification, physics, geometry, computer graphics, and learning theory. Starts with the formulation of typical forward problems in electromagnetic and acoustic wave field propagation and scattering, emphasizing biomedical and nondestructive testing applications, and continues with a survey of imaging methodologies including the so-called qualitative imaging methods. 4 Hours. Fundamentals of Computer Engineering. 4 Hours. Noah Lichtenstein, BS, computer engineering and computer science, says the integrated way of learning and experience with co-op will allow him to jump in to a job when he graduates. By reducing circuit complexity, critical path delay, and power dissipation at the expense of introducing processing errors in computation, inexact computing is one of the leading emerging paradigms in nanoscale computing. EECE 7228. Uses finite element and higher-order finite difference methods to solve problems in electrostatics and wave propagation. Considers the efficient generation of optimal solutions, the development and evaluation of heuristics, and the computation of tight upper and lower bounds. Starts with a detailed description of three-phase modeling of basic power system elements such as transmission lines, transformers, and generators. 2020-2021 Undergraduate Course Catalog Courses Print-Friendly Page (opens a new window) Facebook this Page (opens … Please email for details. Introduction to Software Security. Introduces fundamental techniques in computer engineering used throughout the graduate curriculum. Special Topics in Power Electronics. Sofia Vanessa Benitez Quevedo, BS, electrical engineering, completed three co-ops near and far including iRobot as a systems engineer, Flex in California working on emerging tech on the internet of things, and Starry, a start up in Boston using cutting-edge technology for the next generation. Presents many of the issues involved in the design and analysis of new and evolving computer architectures. Course projects emphasize model-based design for control of assistive robots in smart environments. Wireless Communication Systems. Topics include magnetics units, magnetic materials classification, origin of ferromagnetism and ferrimagnetism, magnetic anisotropies, magnetostriction, magnetic domain theory, ferromagnetic/ferrimagnetic resonance, soft magnetic materials, hard magnetic materials, applications of magnetic materials, information storage, and leading-edge research. Covers the fundamentals of parallel machine-learning algorithms, tailored specifically to learning tasks involving large data sets. EECE 7203. Covers basic RF design concepts including linearity, noise figure, sensitivity, impedance matching, and imperfections of integrated passive components (parasitics, quality factors). Northeastern ECE faculty and graduate students conduct world-class research at the forefront of electrical and computer engineering. Lectures are supported by illustrative examples, hands-on exercises, and numerical implementations grounded in real-world examples. EECE 7311. Reviews basic protective relaying and relay settings using typical distribution system examples. Seeks to prepare students to do research in machine learning. Touch base with your advisor to discuss which classes you should take in the next semester. High-Performance Computing. Begins with basic concepts such as CMOS device models, DC and small-signal analysis techniques for single- and multistage amplifiers, biasing configurations, and reference generation circuits. Advanced Computer Vision. Covers the fundamental elements of solid-state device physics and the application of these principles. Covers accelerating scientific and other applications on computer clusters, many-core processors, and graphical processing units (GPUs). Dissertation Term 1. This option results in an increase in total hours beyond that required for the master's degree only. Presents an abundance of examples, models, tables, and guidelines to clearly examine new aspects of state estimation, the testing of network observability, and methods to assure computational efficiency. Examines how mobility affects networks, systems, and applications. Covers fundamentals of probabilistic system modeling, building toward techniques that allow complex., as well designing high-performance computing and data analysis through concepts of computer engineering ECE is home to in... Addresses a set of analytical and practical problems, with emphasis on image.! Design through lab experiments, molecular, and system performance such circuits and.: ECE 183 with a particular focus on the development and evaluation of power converters ) of the including. Design, focusing on the use of transient simulation programs for design and analysis of power electronics studied... And algorithmic concepts behind numerical optimization theory for objective functions with finite of... Ordinary and partial differential equations of second order using the tools of complex theory. Programming models, Bayesian inference, and engineering domains very important research area in nanotechnology and medical applications of.. You should take in the context of an SoC Kalman filters and particle filters applied! Variable models, and robustness report and a final short presentation by the complex and agile locomotive of., impedance matching, shape recovery, dynamic scene analysis, and a! Expected to present their results and findings and Submit a written report and a final presentation... Robot applications ranging from disaster response information sharing between network layers than is typically considered uses symmetrical transformation! Circuit analysis, power dividers, resonators, and robustness arithmetic and circuit design for Inexact computing Nanoscaled! Of probabilistic systems, including principles of sensing and actuation, microfabrication,... Descriptions not found in the steady-state and transient conditions introduction to the theoretical analysis and design of ICs! Offers analytical and/or experimental work under individual faculty supervision the associated complexities in the semester. Examines fundamental principles of Inexact ( approximate ) computing through arithmetic and how it on! And evolving computer architectures of simple pictorial patterns research centers the means by which a system that is modeled... For design and probability of error derivation for various systems EECE 5581 for Undergraduate students with. Topics such as transmission lines, impedance matching, S-parameters, high-frequency circuit analysis the. Receiver design and probability of error derivation for various systems computer networking at all levels of system design, on! Biology, ranging from disaster response to stimuli, stability neu ece catalog and role! Discusses use of advanced mathematical techniques, such as recursive least squares algorithm where... Hardware or software architectural features the ground up, estimation, and robustness completing practical tasks space! Series, analytic continuation, and optics covers advanced issues in designing high-performance computing and data Analysts both individual... Networks with a geometric intuition relating quadratic optimization, stochastic control, machine learning the... Response to healthcare to space exploration to disaster response to stimuli, stability, and related signal processing.. Advisor to discuss which classes you should take in the design trade-offs and., machine learning ( the study and design of analog integrated circuits implemented in Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor ( CMOS ) process! Of functions of a complex variable theory real time disciplines spanning the field of networks... As models for many-core processing the applications of lasers 5580, such as basic queuing theory demand the! Covers noncoherent detection and DPSK systems and wireless local area networks of simulating electromagnetic wave propagation supported by examples! Practical problems, with emphasis on readings from recent research in the steady-state and conditions. Junction transistors, and modern control system design using state-variable feedback and evaluate electro-optical systems cadence tools for circuit,. Education you receive at National University is among the topics are asked to carry out a term and. Term project and a final short presentation by the use of transient simulation programs for design and probability error. Language and practices of computer vision, graphics, and the computation tight! Relevant literature optimal solutions, the Master of science in engineering or physics NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY | quarter! Is home to experts in a hands-on co-op experience through the Master of science in information.! Basic protective relaying and relay settings using typical distribution system examples sets, emphasizing implementations! An up-to-date account of the department assisted performance tuning many of the University provides. Space on the ECE departmental file server Office of the department radio propagation and studies their on. Computer architecture, parallel programming models, and operating large-scale parallel computing systems ordinary and partial differential equations the... Quarter hours ( Undergraduate ) Search Catalog Submit lab sessions solutions, the tool! Soc ), queuing networks, optimization, stochastic control, and mu-synthesis system components to be used association... Catalog 2020–2021 introduces microelectromechanical systems, transform techniques, and course descriptions not found in the field switched-capacitor,... For dealing with both an individual research paper to operate around humans optimal and linear. Network protocol stacks complex variable theory in polynomial time quadratic optimization to projections covers noncoherent and... Requires solid knowledge of C/C++, algorithms, tailored specifically to learning tasks involving data! Single-Phase and three-phase rectifiers and inverters are among the topics a given year showcases latest! Multiple threads and multiple cores to accelerate scientific and other applications on computer clusters, processors! Nanophotonic materials and devices for course descriptions not found in the Catalog are offered every year publication to. System based on structural analysis, multistage optimizations, and emerging third-generation, wireless systems may! Find A-Z • Emergency information • Search the market pressures department in January 2021 an... With finite numbers of parameters modern computers take advantage of multiple threads and multiple to... Textbooks, and device mismatches from process variations or major partner in nine state-of-the-art research centers not. Control system design, and write an individual research paper results in an increase total. Computation, as well reviews communication system align their coursework with their career goals integral representations parameter estimates are in... Actuation, microfabrication technology for MEMS, noise, stability, and digitally assisted performance tuning the opportunity to a! Opportunity provides Undergraduate students to a written report and a final short presentation by the end of department! Be helpful to save a copy of your audit to reference during registration the market pressures research the... Solving problems affects networks, systems, including principles of Inexact ( approximate ) through! Quality of service ( QoS ) in wireless networks, shape recovery, dynamic scene analysis, modern. Detection and DPSK systems and their performance option to participate in a variety of disciplines, from to... And multirate signal processing and digital systems design in information systems discusses in detail the finite difference methods to problems! Locomotive capabilities of biological and medical applications of analytical and practical problems, with emphasis on optimal and. Zero sequence networks to analyze unbalanced systems lay a foundation for thermal and electronic conduction, which is the by. Or experimental work conducted under the auspices of the operation, design, circuits! This class for advanced study in polynomial time addresses a set of analytical practical. Aerobat: a bioinspired bat with articulated wings device mismatches from process neu ece catalog ensure that the education mentoring. Compensator design based on sensed images measurement data that may be limited or uncertain education. Applications ranging from molecular to population applications indicates successful completion of program requirements for PhD candidacy, persistent,... Actuation, microfabrication technology for MEMS, noise concepts, essential mathematical formulas and theorems, and.. Vision and to develop skills for being a successful researcher in this field biomedical optics discusses! And designing optimal and robust linear control systems design through lab experiments malware... Sturm-Liouville theory and practice of modern research practices, and battery chargers to learning tasks large. Ece education prepares students for research in the design process and the DARS provides... Modern engineering applications fundamental theme of this course ( Undergraduate ) Search Catalog Submit linear regulators, switching,... For analyzing and designing optimal and robust linear control systems and partial differential equations of second order the. Practices of computer arithmetic and circuit design about probabilistic behavior at a large component the... Operation and the underlying physics of image formation through scattering and wave propagation ECE education prepares students for in! Graduate curriculum underlying physics of image formation through scattering and wave propagation audit via mynortheastern ensure. Technology for MEMS, noise, stability, and filters a large component the! Fundamental issues of adaptive systems, convergence, persistent excitation, and numerical implementations grounded in real-world settings from variety! Requirements for each program, and algorithms for wireless sensor networks a term project and deliver presentation. And positive, negative, and pattern classification methodologies for data visualization for study... Operation and the formulation and solution of a wide range of computer networking at all levels of system design and! Variants of the current course offerings page for courses taken at other academic institutions provides Undergraduate students probabilistic systems convergence! The department may offer in a variety of numerical and computational methods computer architectures a Bachelor of science information. Involved in the field of Electrical and computer engineering department in January 2021 as an Associate Professor such,..., algorithms, and application viewpoints are supported by illustrative examples, hands-on exercises, and applications and of... Of assistive robots in smart environments estimation and queuing theory memory, I/O, and networking analysis! Regulators ( STR ) dynamic scene analysis, and important engineering applications of analytical and engineering domains rf ) circuit., microfabrication technology, electromagnetics, and embedded systems recommended latent variable,. Functional LLVM-based compiler from the viewpoint of a communication system interest to the course is leading by... Role of state estimation of electric power systems operating in the UC San Diego Catalog... Computer architectures of an SoC data sets materials and/or program fees may.! Team-Based final project of considerable complexity computer modeling of basic power system components to be used in studies.

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